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    Marrakesh Experience

    An Exclusive Guest

    Entering the gate of L Mansion and walking down the majestic cypress alley is an absolute enchantment. Refreshing fountains softly whisper amid lush rose and bougainvillea coppices.
    Caressed by a gentle breeze, orange blossoms and jasmine give out their alluring scent, whilst the snow-capped summits twinkle in the distance. Tranquil moments away from busy Marrakech… yet so close.

    Dream It ... Live It ... in Luxury

    at L Mansion Palace

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    Gourmet Atelier...

    Sweet Delights

    Macaron & Chocolats has created exquisite Parisian revisited delicacies and prestigious pastries in Marrakech. The atelier nested in the palace uses the freshest of the garden’s flowers and fruits. Lamya invites you on a journey to discover new local Macaron flavors with an exquisite blend of spices using the best French chocolate.

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      About Us / Art Collectors

      Art Lover and expert collector, my father inspired with all his passion the construction of this palace, dedicated to large family gatherings.
      The most renowned craftsmen in the kingdom, heirs of thousand year old techniques.
      Expressed all their know how and mastery.
      After a few years spent in the United States, I was desirous of finding my roots again highlighting this age-old patrimony, and sharing it.
      Welcome to L Mansion
      Lamya El Manjra.

      I never write reviews but I decided on L Mansion based on tripadvisor reviews. After my stay at L Mansion, I have to give back to the community by sharing my experience there. This was my first stay in Morocco.

      Sara S

      We decided with all my family to book a full week to get a " disconnection " and it was just amazing. It was just wonderfull because we book all the rooms so the mansion was all ours, it was an occasion to regroup all our family (each of us came from a different place).

      By ExplorateurParis7

      I visited a couple of weeks ago with my 12 friends. All can say if you want to feel like royalty and want to feel like you have your own palace, this is the place for you.

      By TonyaLetrice

      Absolutely fantastic! We spend an amazing weekend at Lmansion. the food was great , room clean , comfortable and very nice. You feel like your are in a dream. Each element is authentic. the best place to go , if you want to touch the real morocco .

      By Zenyk

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